How to Turn off Fan on Laptop: Simple Guide

How to Turn off Fan on Laptop: Simple Guide

Most laptops have a built-in fan that helps keep the device cool. The fan usually kicks on when the laptop is getting hot and turns off when it cools down. If the fan is always on, or if it’s very noisy, there are a few things you can try to fix the issue. This article will show you how to turn off the fan on your laptop.

BIOS Settings

Many of the well-known manufacturers of laptops, such as Asus, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Samsung have made it possible to control the laptop cooler from the I/O system or “BIOS”. This way is good because it does not require the installation of third-party programs, all that is required is:

  1. Enter the BIOS and open the “Power” section.
  2. Next, enter the “HW Monitor Configuration” settings, where the fan is configured.
  3. Find the option with the value “Fan Speed” and select the speed of the fan, it is specified as a percentage.
  4. Then save the settings and leave the BIOS.

BIOS Settings to Turn off Fan on Laptop

I would like to point out that the settings may have slight differences, depending on your version of Bios. Don’t be alarmed, in general the method is identical.


Widely known utility, with its help you can control the fan of your laptop, adjust the speed of rotation at certain temperatures and monitor the status of the hard drive. A few more bold pluses – free, simple and clear interface and Russian language support, so, feel free to use.

So, let’s see in more detail how to set up the cooler on your laptop using SpeedFan:

  1. First of all, download, install and run the application.
  2. After launching, in the tab “Readings”, on the left we see the information about the speed of the fan, on the right the temperature of the main components is displayed.
  3. To adjust the cooler, go to “Configure”.
  4. Open the tab “Temperatures” and click on the necessary component, for example video card “GPU”.
  5. And in the line at the bottom, in the option “Desired” set the temperature mode, which the cooling system will have to maintain, and click “OK”.

SpeedFan to Turn off Fan on Laptop

Also in the tab “Speeds” you can set additional parameters to change the speed of the blades. There are only two options here, and by changing them, you can easily change the lower and upper speed limits.

Riva Tuner

Another small but very convenient application for controlling and monitoring the fan. It’s also absolutely free and suitable for any Windows version.

To change the speed of the cooler with it is quite easy, you need:

  1. Install and launch the application.
  2. Go to the advanced settings, then to the “Fan” section.
  3. You can control the speed of the cooler by moving special sliders (also in percentages).
  4. After adjusting them, press “OK” to apply the settings.

After that, the laptop fan should start working continuously and at the specified speed.

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is a professional free utility, especially for overclocking from MSI, suitable for both AMD and Intel. It gives you a lot of possibilities, starting from monitoring the card status and adjusting the voltage on the GPU up to controlling the cooler.

MSI Afterburner to Turn off Fan on Laptop

I want to mention that all the settings are on the first screen, which in my opinion is very handy. In order to change the speed of the cooling system you need to move the slider to the right in the “Fan Speed” section.

For automatic adjustment, there is a separate button “Auto”, after pressing it, the speed of rotation will vary depending on the load on the laptop graphics card.

AMD OverDrive

I can not ignore the quite famous utility from AMD, which offers us a number of features, including fan speed control, thus improving the performance of the entire laptop. You only need to:

  1. Install and run the utility.
  2. After opening, in the first window go to the section “Fan Control”, then to the tab “Performance Control”.
  3. To change the speed you need to move the sliders.
  4. All that remains is to click “OK” to save the changes made.

Now you know how the fan should work, how to set it properly, how to control it and you will be able to do it yourself.


How to turn off the fan noise on my laptop?

There are a few ways to turn off the fan noise on your laptop. One way is to simply disable the fan in your laptop’s BIOS settings. Another way is to use a software program to control the fan speed.

Why won’t my laptop fans turn off?

There are a few possible reasons why your laptop’s fans might not be turning off. One possibility is that the fan settings in your laptop’s BIOS are set to “Always On.” Another possibility is that there is a problem with the fan itself, and it needs to be replaced. Finally, it’s also possible that there is a problem with your laptop’s cooling system, which is causing the fans to run constantly in order to try and keep the temperature down.

Why is my laptop fan running when closed?

There are a few reasons why your laptop fan might be running when closed. It could be because your laptop is overheating, or because there’s something blocking the fan vents. If your laptop is overheating, you can try cleaning the fan vents and making sure they’re clear of dust and debris. You can also try elevating your laptop to improve airflow. If you suspect there’s something blocking the fan vents, you can try opening up your laptop and taking a look.

Why is laptop fan so loud?

The fan in a laptop is designed to move a lot of air to keep the computer cool. That’s why it’s so loud.

Is it bad if my laptop fan is loud?

It’s not necessarily bad if your laptop fan is loud. It could just be a sign that your laptop is working hard and needs to cool down. However, if the noise is really bothersome or if your laptop is overheating, it might be a good idea to take it in for a checkup.

Should the laptop fan always be on?

No, the laptop fan should not always be on. The fan should only come on when the laptop is getting hot and needs to be cooled down. If the fan is always on, it can cause the laptop to overheat.

What is fan sleep mode?

Fan sleep mode is a feature on some fans that allows them to operate at a lower speed and use less energy when the room is unoccupied. This can help to save money on your energy bill and extend the life of your fan.

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Summing Up

Knowing how to turn off the fan on your laptop can save you from a lot of noise and distraction. It can also prolong the life of your laptop by preventing the fan from overworking. If your laptop starts to overheat, be sure to turn off the fan before it causes any damage.

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